Challenge USgood match

10.02.2013, 23:25 - R3AP3R-NL - Rank 1 - 1 Berichten
hey guys,

just wanted to say well played tonight. it was a good match. maybe we can do it again sometime. maybe a little earlier in the evening so we can both choose a gametype/map we wanna play.

cheers {><}TA R3APER-NL
11.02.2013, 14:46 - smalle - Rank 5 - 266 Berichten
Hey it was fun indeed, next time we should meet up up front so we can set up the rules and maps for even a better gaming experience... btw wij zijn een nederlandstalige clan he zwinkern


11.02.2013, 20:55 - MagicBright - Rank 6 - 706 Berichten
But English is ok. Most of us understand.
Btw, we lost? Hmmm pretty darn shitty